The Hood Memorial Hall in Devauden is used by a large number of community groups and is available to hire for parties and other events. It has been recently refurbished and has a well fitted kitchen, large hall, separate meeting room and a playing field. The hall has a car park and has disabled access ramps.




Brief History

In 1944, it was decided by Violet Hood, Elizabeth Ferrard, Charles Ewill and John Rogers that the parish of Devauden needed a village hall, and their work began. Violet Hood donated the initial funds to start the process. At the end of 1950 they bought the piece of land where the hall now stands and the hall was built in due course. They then gave the Hall Building and surrounding land to the village community of Devauden, to be managed by this charity. The trust deed that founded this charity is dated 25th February 1960, sixteen years after the initial decision was made - fundraising and building work took time even then! The hall was given "for the use of meetings, lectures, classes and forms of recreation and leisure time and occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants".

Recent Developments

2013 -New kitchen

2011 - Outdoor lighting and power, insulation and improved disabled access.

2009 - Ceiling and Fire Safety

2008 - Roofing

2007 - CEDS Building Project

Progress Report


2006 - New Playground, Stage and Cinema System

In 2006 a major project was undertaken to provide an adventure playground, cinema system and stage. The hall committee were successful in obtaining an Article 33 funding grant from the Welsh Assembly Government, the European Union and Monmouthshire County Council. This was combined with some large donations from companies and individuals connected with the village to produce a total of about £50,000. The project was completed in August 2006.

Use the following link to find out more about this project.

Project Summary (pdf)



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Devauden Coronavirus Support Group

The Devauden Coronavirus Support Group has been established to offer help to anyone in our community who may need it during COVID-19 pandemic.