Ian Roberts and John Roberts have contacted the Devauden Village Website with information about their families' history and their connection to Devauden.   Many of both Ian and John's ancestors lived in Devauden.

In March 2014 John Roberts sent the following:

"I have been going through some family papers and found some recollections of my late uncle Robert Roberts.  He was a professor of cultural anthropology and family historian.  One letter from Uncle Bob to my brother Tom provided some detail linking our family to Devauden.  Apparently, my grandfather, Alfred Roberts was born in 1884 as one of ten children of Thomas and Emily (Morgan) Roberts.  The fact that he was the ninth of ten may be why he left Devauden for Birmingham and eventually emigrated to the US in 1911.  The letter mentions two homes in Devauden where various family members were either born or lived during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  The homes had names; one was called “The Well” and the other “Beaufort House.”  The letter also mentions the Masons Arms Pub and that it had been once operated by a “Morgan.”

Ian Roberts contacted the website just a few weeks later wanting to find out more about his family history.  It seems that this Roberts family owned a farm at the Creigau and it passed to Charles Roberts then to David and Ann Roberts at which point it was sold and is now divided into smaller plots. According to the family stories Alfred (Alfie) Roberts shot down a plane with a rifle in Serbia during Word War One and was awarded a knife made from the metal of the plane. The knife is still in the family.