The Village Hall Committee has a vacancy for a booking clerk.  Should you wish to express an interest or require more information then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Booking Clerk Job description

The Role

The booking clerk for the Hood Memorial Hall in Devauden is responsible for managing the hall diary. This includes ensuring that hall run events, regular clubs and one-off hires are recorded and that the appropriate paperwork, including COVID compliance and invoices are issued in a timely manner. The booking clerk is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to book the hall. They work closely with the Hood Memorial Hall trustees, but are not required to attend meetings. The booking clerk reports to the secretary of the Hood Memorial Hall. A dedicated mobile telephone is provided and all expenses for stationery will be reimbursed.

The Duties (not exhaustive)

  • To manage the bookings process for the hall, responding to enquiries by phone or email
  • To show prospective hirers around the hall
  • To provide hirers with clear and timely information in regard to the hire of the hall
  • To ensure that the electronic calendar of hall events on The Devauden Website is kept updated
  • To keep records of all confirmed and potential bookings
  • To open the hall and greet a hall hirer (one-off users) and to secure the hall once the booking is complete. If the booking clerk is unavailable, it is their responsibility to arrange for a hall trustee to cover.
  • To invoice regular hall users at the agreed times for their use of the hall.
  • To have a thorough understanding of the “Hood Memorial Hall Meet and Greet” book.
  • To maintain a record of all receipts and expenditure by the booking clerk for reimbursement by the hall treasurer