Devauden is the first village to be connected under the new Shared Rural Network Initiative which aims to make 4G available to 95% of the UK landmass by 2025.

The Shared Rural Network is a joint initiative between Government and the UK’s four mobile network operators. The programme aims to use mast sharing on existing sites in rural areas where some, but not all providers, have coverage. It also plans to build new-shared masts to connect areas that currently have no coverage at all.

Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, Lee Waters MS, said: “The ability to be connected wherever you are is becoming increasingly important, no more so than under the current circumstances.

“To have the first site-sharing deal in the UK under the Shared Rural Network initiative in rural Wales is fantastic. People living in and around Devauden will now have greater choice about which provider they choose and it will help support local businesses.”

You can read more about this project at the Vodafone website.

Thanks to Peter Kenington for bringing this development to our attention.