Brian Phillips, much-loved landlord of the Masons Arms and lifelong resident of Devauden, passed away on 20th January 2010. Brian's contribution to Devauden is incomparable and he is greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Brian was a remarkable man in many ways. His charm, generosity and sense of fun were instantly recognisable and it is hard to imagine that anyone who met him, however briefly, will ever forget him. Most people knew him as the cheery, hard living, charismatic landlord of the Masons with a mischievous sense of humour and forthright in his opinions, but, although he liked to play the fool, Brian was also an extremely hard working and very successful business man. He never did anything by halves.

Brian was an enormously important figure in his community. He played an active role in all aspects of village life and encouraged others to do so. He was always willing to get involved in local events and frequently acted as benefactor to the village hall. Year in year out he also raised money for his charity - Children with Leukaemia.

Brian was immensely proud of having lived in Devauden all his life and revelled in exposing others lack of local knowledge, for instance, he would challenge you to tell him where the well used to be or where Windy Corner is. When in more serious mood, however, he would pose the question: "What do you want out of life?". There are very few people who can answer that but I suspect Brian was one of them.