The Group is an informal group of individual volunteers who are coordinating their efforts to support households in Devauden and the surrounding communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. As well as offering practical assistance the presence of the Support Group in our community will provide people with the reassurance that help will be available for them if they need it.

Around 40 local residents responded to an appeal from the Devauden Village Website to establish the Group and some of these people are coordinating the Group’s activities. The aim is to ensure there is continuity in the voluntary support available to local households who may need it during the coming weeks and months.  As well as covering Devauden we are offering support in Kilgwrrwg, The Fedw, Wolvesnewton, The Glyn and The Cot.

The type of service that the Group provides is being constantly reviewed by the coordinators. So far, our activities have included:
• regular telephone calls to households to check on their situation and offer reassurance that help is available;
• grocery shopping for essential basic items for those who are elderly or vulnerable;
• collecting prescriptions.

Flyers have been delivered to all homes in Devauden and most of the immediately surrounding area. We have also publicised our group through important local hubs, such as the church, Monmouthshire Housing Association and the shop. We have established links with other local groups and national directories.

You can download and print the latest version of our flyer using the link below.

Do not hesitate to contact the Support Group if you are concerned and would like a member of the Group to keep in touch with you regularly over the next few weeks. If you call any of the following people then they can either help or put you in touch with someone local who can.

  • John and Jessica Davis on 650938;
  • Leighton and Daniel Hazell-Smart on 650258;
  • Jacqueline Horrod-Tottem on 650826.
  • Mike Warmington on 650895
  • Sue Carter on 650472

If you would like to be involved in the Group then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 650938.