St James Church, Devauden

St James' Church began its life as Devauden School and was built by James Davies in 1814 at the expense of the Duke of Beaufort.

The church is now in a group of five parishes which also includes the churches in St Arvans, Penterry, Itton and Kilgwrrwg.  Two services are usually held each month.


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St James' Church is there for you - providing the routine regular services as well as being there for Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, Christmas & Easter.

The Church needs your support - currently, it costs more than £6000 a year just to keep the doors open.

Photos of events at St. James' Church, Devauden.

Every 5 years, churches are inspected by an architect and the PCC (Parochial Church Council – effectively the Church Committee) are given a report of the renovations and improvements required to the building. The most recent inspection of St James' Church was in 2019 and noted that the roof needs extensive repairs, the porch needs completely re-roofing, the windows need repairing and the woodwork needs attention.

The first thing you will notice about the building of St James' Church in Devauden is that it is not on the usual east / west orientation you’d expect for a church.  This is because the building was first a school.  It is one of the oldest buildings in the village and is Grade II listed because of its historic interest.

St James, Devauden is in a group of five parishes which includes the parishes of St Arvans, Penterry, Itton and Kilgwrrwg. Two services are usually held each month in Devauden either in St James itself or in Village Hall.


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