You couldn't find a more appropriate story for a "Memories" section of the website than the tale of Frank Pengelly.


Thanks to Amanda Nolan of Alna, Maine in the U.S.A. for providing the photo and this fascinating story.


Ths picture (right) shows Frank Pengelly (sitting) and his brother, Harry in their WWI service uniforms. Frank was from Devauden and during the war he was a motorcycle messenger.  After receiving a  head injury he lost his memory completely for a year. Whilst in hospital in London he had a chance meeting with someone else from Devauden and, through many nostalgic conversations, regained his memory and was reunited with his family.



 You can see more of Amanda's photos on flickr.


Update from Paul Pengelly, 12 May 2009

Further to your picture of Frank and (possibly) Harold Pengelly,that Mandi from Maine sent in (these are my Great -Uncles)

I have been researching my family history for some two years now and on Sunday as part of "back to Wales " road trip we came to Devauden to re-find Franks old home ,my Dad had been back before but that was in the 60's ,so it took a bit of is up the path at the side of the old Chapel and School, straight on past the pond down the lane and turn left on the path to New Inn, first house on the right.

It is a lovely family home now but would have been just a one up/one down house with no mains anything and a wooden lean-to "kitchen" added later, Frank moved to Derbyshire to find work and his Mother Eliza and Father Henry moved in from Newbridge, they kept the usual chickens, goat, pig but also had at least one donkey.

They were there till at least 1934 when Henry died.

Harry Pengelly lived within walking distance(?), where he had a small holding.  He had also been injured during the first world war and been invalided out with a metal plate in his head.  He got on his bike to look for somewhere with jobs and he eventually ended up in Leicester.  He got a job "in the building", sent for his family and that's where I am writing from.

If anybody knows anything about the family or their houses I would be very interested to here from them.


Paul Pengelly


 If anyone has any information for Paul then please email him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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