Devauden and the nearby hamlet of Fedw or Veddw were originally clusters of illicit cottages built as a base by woodcutters, mule drivers, quarrymen and labourers linked to the wireworks at Tintern and the Angiddy valley.


Anne Wareham of Veddw House Garden has researched the local history of Devauden.  

Here's a link to the articles on her website.

James Davies (1765-1849) was schoolmaster at Devauden and played an important part in the development of the village during the early nineteenth century. 

John Wesley preached his first sermon in Wales on October 15, 1739.

Chepstow Park Wood is a deer park that belonged to Chepstow Castle and was developed in the medieval and Jacobean periods.

Map of Devauden from 1823.

Map of Devauden from 1886.



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